Thursday, August 25, 2011

Supper Club: Asian Theme

Goodbye Morgan and Brian!  We had our last Supper Club with the Points who are moving down to Santa Barbara.
We made Rachael Rae's Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  These were good - but some cashews would add a really nice crunch.
Sake - really not a fan, hot or cold.  I am a fan of my Gurgle Pot though!! I really think I need one in every color...
Crab Rangoons (without any crab)  My sister-in-law makes these and they're delicious and easy.  While we were shopping Mike asked me if I got the crab. I replied that we didn't need any because, in fact, they don't call for any.  He looked at me  and repeated the name, "Crab Rangoons," then googled it and proved me wrong.  When I called her up to ask, she explained that she just prefers them without. So really these are Cheese Rangoons - still delicious.
Sweet and Sour Chicken by Rasa Maylasia.  This was probably my favorite dish of the night.  It definitely had a spicy side!
Morgan made Steamed Coconut cakes.  They were very spongey and light.  She also brought some amazing loose leaf tea and Pocky Sticks (those things are addicting!). Brian made his version of Mai Tais and we did fried and white rice. (Katie's little girl was sick and we missed their amazing additions.)
Bye Morgan and Brian!

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