Welcome to my blog!

I post a mixture of floral designs, party ideas, DIY projects, and whatever random thing might strike my fancy, but I tend to focus on flowers.  I absolutely love flowers.

As my siblings and friends began getting married I started helping with their weddings and doing their flowers and I realized, I didn't want to stop.  So I started my own floral and event decor design company; Kathryn Church Designs.  (I really thought I would come up with an incredibly unique sounding name, but I was too busy designing flowers and this is what got stuck on all the official forms!) I worked at a florist shop for five years before launching my own and have received my advanced certification from the Portland Floral Design Institute.

That's my husband, Mike, with our darling little girl, Ida Mae.  He's the one I go to for all my business questions and the brains behind any kind of project that involves building. And that's me with our son, Asa up top.  If I hand him a pair of clippers, he goes to work pulling stems out of the garbage can, recutting and "arranging," with the occasional, "you like Momma?!"  Definitely my cheerful helper.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you've got!  I love to help personalize events.  It makes me extremely excited when someone goes the extra mile to think about a stir stick, for example.  Or if you don't want to, I'll focus on it for you!
I'm in the process of getting a snazzy design made for the blog, but in the meantime, this is what I've got.
Take a look around (make sure and check out my links in Ideas and Inspirations - each one is incredible!), leave a comment, or shoot me an email (kathryn@kathrynchurch.com).

Again, thanks for stopping by!
Kathryn C.

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