Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bassinet Makeover

Here's another post that's just taken forever for me to blog!  At the end of last summer I found this Eddie Bauer bassinet for $5 at a yard sale.  It was in great condition, just missing a wheel.
BEFORE - this is what it looked like before.  It just didn't match the plans for Ida's room and I wanted to have fresh bedding.  So we painted it white and after searching all over for new bedding I decided to venture out and make some! And here's the result! Just don't look too closely - I had to fudge a few things.
I didn't attempt to re-create the canopy.  I used coupons at JoAnns for the fabric so the total makeover cost was $35 for paint, fabric and notions plus an extra $20 for the baskets which I got on sale at Michaels. My husband had some spare wheels that he put on there and voila! $60 - great sewing challenge and fun project! (They retail over $100)
This storage space has been invaluable on those late night feedings and diaper changes!  Everything's right there.

She's been pretty happy with it.

Just love those chubby cheeks!


  1. Nice work!! It looks great, and Ida is soo cute! I actually have that bassinet (in natural wood and white) and it is the greatest! I would have been totally lost without it and that little shelf! Which explains why I have held on to mine for 6 years now. And $5... that's insane! :)

  2. Thanks thanks - learned the way I should have started attaching pieces when things got thick!! Really couldn't believe they were selling it for only $5!

  3. I am looking to makeover this same bassinet (but in the natural wood finish). How did you go about painting it? I'm trying to decide whether or not to sand and brush, or spray paint. Thanks!


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