Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sneak Peek: Walser Wedding

Here's a few shots from the Walser wedding!  Jen wanted to keep things very simple and hi-light some fall tones with mainly roses.  Her husband has done a lot of missionary work in the Middle East so they incorporated a lot of that into their wedding with the linens, food, and colors.  To tie things together I spray painted all the vases gold and silver (using Rustoleum Metallic finish) and used some exotic flowers for the reception.  It was really fun to work with such rich tones and to get to use some unique flowers like kangaroo paw, pincushion protea, and ginger!  
I didn't get any great shots of the reception stuff (there's one below) but I'll pass on the professional shots when I get them!  Here's the inspiration board.

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