Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Here's our kiddos all set for the party! Thanks to pinterest for inspiration! Ida was a candy corn and our little boy was Johnny Cash.

I sewed a really basic pillowcase dress for the candy corn.  I just googled some pillowcase dresses for reference and here's what it ended up being. It measures about 14in long (all said and done with 5/8in seams) and 16in wide.  I left 5/8in casing up top for the ribbon and cut triangles off the top two corners (for her arms).  I lined it for extra warmth and as an easy way to get the arm holes done.

Johnny Cash was pretty easy.  Asa had the guitar, my husband had the belt buckle and those were his boots when he was little.  A little black hair dye and a trip to Ross for pants and a shirt and there you have it!

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