Saturday, September 3, 2011

DIY: Scalloped Fabric Garland

My friend, Paige, and I threw a baby shower for our friend's new little girl.  Paige had a great turquoise tablecloth and she suggested we do orange accents.  We kept things really simple - various cobblers, orange sherbet punch, and coffee.  I made up the garland to match the colors - super fast, under $7, and you can reuse it!

Supplies: (this makes one 12 foot garland)
3 fat quarters (or any leftover scraps)
4 yds bias tape

Create a template: Draw a 7.5in circle on paper.  Cut out and fold in half. 
Fold your fabric in half, right sides together. Using your template cut out 17 7.5in half circles. 
With right sides together sew all along the curve.  Do not sew on the straight edge.
Turn right side out and iron flat. 
Repeat with all your half circles.
Fold your bias tape over the straight edge of your first half circle and start sewing.  Add a new half circle every 1.5in (approximately).  

You could do smaller half circles or larger or use wider bias tape. *lots of ways to mix things up!*

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