Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham Cupcakes

Our poor little guy is sick on his birthday!  Fever all day long.  We'd planned on doing a laid back celebration with the family but Asa's spent all day in his pjs not wanting to eat (which is a first for him - no exaggerating - he LOVES food).
 Don't worry, we're not eating all these ourselves - we'll save them for tomorrow! 
Since we're doing so much Dr. Seuss theme for his bday party we decided to keep on going and do it for his actual bday.  So yesterday, before Asa was sick, Mike and I made these (from What's New Cupcake's Cracked Eggs).  Such a fun cookbook!
We used Martha Stewart's One Bowl Chocolate Cake instead of the box mix yellow (just be sure not to overfill your liners, this is a very runny batter and it's easy to do!), dyed the lemon curd green for the yolks and used a canned vanilla frosting as recommended in What's New Cupcake.  The shells are white chocolate formed from plastic Easter Eggs.  *note - make a nice thick coating of chocolate - chilling and adding more in order for them to come out without cracks*  (Took us a number of tries!)

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