Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Budget Savvy: Wedding or Bridal Shower Cake

Isn't this cake fabulous!?  Especially if you're doing a vintage themed wedding or bridal shower.  And the best part is it's super easy to do.  You could head to Trader Joe's and get some of their fantastic cakes and have friends frost a bunch of these for an impressive and inexpensive dessert table.
(from I am baker)


  1. I love I am Baker - her cakes are so pretty! I thought about making this cake for my sister's bridal shower next month. I just might try it!

  2. Isn't she great?! If you do take pics!!!

  3. wow, this is awesome!! gonna bookmark this!

  4. Bridal shower cake is really appealing. I am planning an engagement party for my brother at one of the top rated Los Angeles wedding venues next month. Thinking of ordering same design of cake for the day. Hope everyone appreciate arrangements.


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