Saturday, September 4, 2010

DIY: Ribbon Wall

We wanted to create an inexpensive and outdoor-friendly backdrop for the head table so that photos wouldn't show the people throwing frisbees in the background.

poles - whatever length you need
(We already had a few 8' poles that we'd used for a previous project. If you don't they're available for around $1/ft (I think) at any hardware store.)

Poly Satin Ribbon in your colors (It's a lot cheaper than real ribbon and still looks great. Make sure to get at least 3 or more colors -you'll get a better affect. We used 2.5in.  Available from a florist or some colors at Michaels.)

White Duct Tape

Fishing Line or thin wire

Tape the ribbon to the pole. Place each ribbon side by side - a slight overlap is ok. Cut ribbon a little longer than your distance from ground to ceiling. Attache wire to the ends of the pole for hanging. (We used both sides of the ribbon to get a slightly different color that was still close to her choice colors - red/white. We also used 2.5in ribbon).

Roll up the pole for transport. Attach pole. Unroll but leave slightly rolled to cover tape. String wire across the front of the ribbon to prevent it from blowing onto the people sitting down.

Total Cost: approx $20 per 8ft pole (cost varies depending on cost of ribbon. cost of pole not included)
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