Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shelbi's Catan Cookies

This past weekend a bunch of my relatives came up to celebrate the 4th. We're all Catan fans so we had a Catan tournament night. (Well every night became Catan night actually...) My cousin-in-law, Shelbi, came up with the brilliant idea of making the game board out of cookies. She did a whole post on the details over here. Take a look for the how to and her amazing photos. They were delicious!

(oreo - ore, marshmallows - sheep, butterfinger - brick, orange sugar wafers - wheat, nilla cookies - sand/dessert, mike and ikes - roads, gummies - cities and settlements, gummy bear - robber baron, candy melts - numbers)
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  1. That is BRILLIANT! We LOVE Catan too... I'm definitely making these!! SO creative!

  2. Isn't it fun!? Shelbi has loads of good ideas!


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