Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cookie Boxes

This year I used little white boxes (from Michaels-they're actually mug boxes) to package our cookies for friends and neighbors.
I bought a huge thing of red and white twine awhile back and have used it for lots of things - but this might be my favorite!  It looks so festive for Christmas! A "ho ho ho" stamp on some labels and ... done! Simple and easy! Asa enjoyed the packaging too - I'd turn around to find a few cookies missing and a small trail of crumbs to wherever he was.

I got the twine from Amazon - should last awhile...!  Other places like Divine Twine sell it in other colors.
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  1. where did you get the twine? it almost looks like yarn for knitting socks. the thin kind. :)

  2. I got it from Amazon - I added the link!


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