Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flower Design Tips: Dahlia

I've already featured Dahlias, but  I didn't explain how to work with cut dahlias and since I was arranging some they were on my mind.

In order to extend their life, pick them when it's cool in the evening (unless of course you are buying them at the grocery store).
Boil water.
Get a heavy duty glass vase and pour in about 2 inches of your boiling, yes boiling!, water into the vase. Strip the lower leaves, trim the end, and place the dahlia in the water with the flower face leaning out from the vase (to avoid any steam damage to the petals.) I know it sounds crazy but you won't kill the flowers! This allows the flower to soak up the water and create a seal.
Let the flowers sit in the water overnight. In the morning you can re-cut them and put them in an arrangement - you do not need to re-boil them.

Pretty nifty trick huh!?

I mixed bupleurum (one of my absolute favorite greens!!) in with the dahlias above for a quick hand tied bouquet.

p.s. giveaway coming tomorrow...
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  1. Thanks for the tip, Katheryn! I love dahlias, but didn't know the boiling water trick.


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