Saturday, July 31, 2010

Room Design

So I'm having way too much fun using!! You design in 2d and then switch it to 3d and you can see every side, zoom in, etc...!

I'm currently playing around with the layout in our basement family room. It's kind of an odd shape and we don't want to buy new furniture. I haven't added any proper colors on anything since I'm too busy looking at the fun details that you can add, like a Christmas Tree (come Christmas I'll probably re-design again!) or a turkey on the table, pans on the burner, and more. And I appreciate that they have a shark on the tv that looks like it's Nemo - appropriate for our house. On a more practical note - I'm using this to do the layout for my sister's wedding which will be outdoors. (They have trees, plants, etc...). Have fun!

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