Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Supper Club: Small Plates

This past weekend we had our second Supper Club!  We're still trying out different methods/ideas to see what works best for organizing it - but the food was definitely a success!  This time around we split up who was in charge of various courses/dishes and they prepped most of it ahead of time.  I naturally forgot the camera, so these are from Mike and Isaac's iphones (and we're missing a bunch of plates.)
Katie made this amazing deconstructed salad: whipped brie with tellicherry pepper and baby water cress.

Katie also made these braised short ribs with garlic confit mashed potatoes.  (In the car on the way home Mike was ready for a whole plateful of this!)
Poached salmon with olive and basil butters.
lemon chill with strawberry coulis 

We also had Wasabi Gougeres, Pumpkin Filled Tacos, Pear and Brie Crisps, Asapargus Soup with Goat Cheese and some fantastic wine.
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