Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heart-Shaped Pancakes

So this morning we tested out the new silicone pancake molds I got! And after a couple tries and flops (like the picture below) we figured out the technique and they work great!! Way way better than the metal mold which I gave up on last year and just used a cookie cutter on the round ones after they were done. The silicone even handled these nut and oatmeal filled pancakes no problem!
flop - The trick is to cook one side, slide your spatula under and then rotate the arm (it moves 360 degrees) and flip it over while keeping it still in the silicone mold. Only remove the mold once the second side has cooked pretty well. (We also sprayed the silicone with cooking spray as an added protection)
Of course for Valentine's Day - you could sprinkle pwd sugar over them, add a flag that says "love" or anything else! Enjoy!

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